sábado, 31 de outubro de 2015

The Scariest Night of the Year

Hello little monsters!
How are you doing today?
Are you prepared for the most scary Night of the year? You already have your costume? Or are you doing to stay at home watching some movies? What is/are your favourite(s) movies(s) for Halloween?

Yesterday I saw a post from my dear friend Sofia and I Love it. She made a vampire makeup and I really thought it was awesome! What do you think?

For years that I want to dress as a Vampire for Halloween but I never go out on this scary Night so... this year I decided to play around with the makeup and see the result. I end up loving what I did.... Do you like it?

This is the last post from I Love Spring Time, tomorrow the blog will have a new name and new look. The link will be the same for now. Hope you liked this post and you all have a great scary night. 

Catarina A.

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